I Love Beyblade

Hi Beybladers,

Here you can tell the world exactly WHY you like Beyblade and share your favourite episodes and Beyblade characters with the world!!

This is the quickest and coolest way to tell me what YOU LIKE so LET IT RIP!!


43 responses to “I Love Beyblade

  1. well thanx.guess ill have to settle for trashin ma sis’s blade an stealin her bit-beast MUA HA HA HA

  2. i live near newcastle and noone i know blades nd me sis’s blade is broken so i cant challenge anyone 🙁 oh well i’ll just continue smashin stuff with me blade…lol

  3. ah such fun. most ppl round here wont blade me anymore coz there scared..or missin bit beasts lol i had a dranzer-s that won everytime! till it broke…-crys-

  4. i suck i have 2 drigers a dragoon and a dragoonG anyone no a gud combo or if there are any tourneys in the U.S.A.

  5. im the best beyblader in the world i need to look for tourement for me and my team. i know we would win any tourement we go to but i can’t find any new local tourement. i bet people are scared. any body want a game just add me on myspace mine is http://www.myspace.com/adotglennyboi2

  6. **BeyBladeFun Master talks back**

    => Beyblader – The tournaments do rock

    => world-champ-kaia – I don’t know of any tournaments in the UK. Maybe you could get some friends together to set one up in your local area.

    => antonia – Tha’ts a pity you’re beyblades are broken. Maybe you could get some new one’s if you ask your parents or family. Good luck

    => i stink at beyblading – we can’t all be Beyblade Masters. Keep beyblading to improve your skills and don’t give up.

  7. does anyone no if dranzer gt an driger g is any good? i ordered them afew days ago,the driger for ma sis.shes so gunna get whooped. also,if there are any bladers is manchester who think there good,then im intrested in makin a team. the names the blade reapers.

  8. Hi, I think beyblade is awsome because it is extremely action packed as a toy game, and it is much different than most games. I just started a beyblade team and we need to find people to challenge and at least one tournament to participate in. Unfortunately every time I try searching all that comes up is a bunch of beyblade video games and not really much on anything else. I did find this thing about a UK tournament on http://www.bebo.com but I don’t know if that is just an RPG tournament or the real deal. I have no idea how to find a tournment or some people to challenge.

  9. for ppl intrested,i think the bba is bk this yr in the us,tho im not sure.ma sis is doin ma head in,shes a rookie,an i beet her everytime,now she wont battle coa last time i hit her so hard her blade got.. stuck in the stadium wall for abit….an now the engine gear in ma dranzer gt is broken,so its just normal,tho it is gr8,an the other kids that blade round her either cheat or throw a fit if u win…this one dood tried to crush ma blade,an accidentally stamped on his blade..he was cryin! so ya..any combos good for dranzer gt or driger g?

  10. world champ kaia is it the two bladed or the six bladed dranzer gt if its the six bladed dranzer then use driger g or drigger v2 v2 is stronger so dranzer wont last long but ive one every game with that combo its awsome

  11. I’m sick of only being able to fight my little brother who insists on changeing hiscombo every round… I’m looking to start at South London team and organise a little Tourney or something… you know, even if it was just for fun. Any girls interested for a change?

  12. Your from London,England? Wow! I’m in Canada!

    Anyways, if anyone of you wants to battle me if you live in Canada [CONTACT INFO REMOVED – NOT SAFE TO MEET WITH TOTAL STRANGERS]
    Wyvern DJ Dragoon ms combo will destroy you in three hits!


  13. hey yall i seriously need to get some again
    the internet is kindve…. lacking…
    plus, there any bladers in the hastings/bexhill part of england?
    i have an obsession with dranzers
    or i will when i get some O_o

  14. Hey y’all, i used to be a big beyblader back when i was young but then i sold all my gear ! 😥 after watching most of the first season on youtube i decided to get back into it so i thought i need a new bey first so i got this one, seems preety good TAKARA “Beyblade A124 A-124 MS Metal System Driger” any comments about it let me know!

    also wht is the age limit for tournements ? 😳

    peeace pierce x

  15. to sam,i think its a 3 bladed but im not sure. hey,without the engine gear,i decided to make my own moves,aka, pheonix talon attack,ok ok its basically tiger claw just re-named but it worx for beating ma sis. i wish i could get more bladesbut i have to order me an ma sisters blade on the internet,an it cost ma mum nearly 100 pounds,so i doubt theyll get me anymore….ah well, if thre areanybladers in manchester who think thy can beat me without there engine gear,then let me no

  16. so i hear beyblades comin back eh? HU HAH IM READY! ill be facin people with
    the new generation of beyblades. There like… ➡ full metal dewd! there called the v2008 beyblades. peoples who have plastic blades..watch out.. man i hope my dragoon gt wont break.. good thing i have backup! strata dragoon (hms) and also hms driger will smash em good. (If you have a new generation metal v2008 blade well im up for a fight to tell you that i can beat any new generation! ThaTS RIGHt! IM READY! yES! cUS WHEN OR IF I BE THE WORLD CHAMPION..COME TO ME SON… 😈

  17. oops by the way im ten years old wich sucks because i am dumb enough to say stuff… i am tEN… since i suck ill show you! my cool names for my beyblade team calls me! Me the midnight opal is my first name yeah? My second is shadow fire pheonix third is mirage death wolf fourth me beyblade team and friends call me emerald lion and 5th octurnal dragon. SIX IS THE DARK GRIM REAPER!! my friends call me cool names eh?? if not then cool!
    You can also vs our beyblade team in australia -victoria-melbourne. We are the dark lions! thats right! Then our bakugan team is called the knife league! then the b daman team is called the ruby shiners. ❗ ❗

  18. its me again! I am warning you that my bit beast is dranzer! weight disk is dranzer gt’s and i took off my tip of my dranzer gts spinning core to make my dragoon gt better in endurance too! I am awesome at bladin! And if you wantto know! i am not telling you my full adress you strangers! I said a few of it like what city country and state! Thats all! only 1 comments ago i said that!

  19. I need to also find a place where me and my team can go to a tournament.
    surely theyll just have to rock me on if they cant come to america or go to a tournament. My dad is famous thats right! hes gonna take me to america to beat ur emerican cowboy buts yeah! the half sri lanka half australian citizen will cic your butts!!

  20. hey,midnight opal,it isnt just the blade uno.all i have is afew plastic blades and a dranzer gt with broken engine gear,but iv defeated ppl who have all the latest.so chill yeah,we get the idea,ur good. why do u prove wat ur sayin? send us a vid of u beating someone with ur awesome blades dood

  21. well i just wanna know if there is a tournament this year?
    i want a chance to battle, i’ve only every battled once and lost cause my grip attacker’s attack ring was on its last legs and couldn’t handle the lanch, but i’m looking for a team. i’m in london if that helps

  22. 😐 You think you can pwnz me 🙁 I am going to pwnz all of you if there is a US tournament. Me and Gaia Dragoon Metal Spike. 😎 Go beyblades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 😈 i love beyblading i always smash other ppls beyblade and every year mine get smashed of training 2 much

  24. 😡 😡 😡 wats wrong with every1 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hi i live in Melbourne Victoria and was wondering if any one knows were i can buy a beyblade in a store not on ebay or things like that

  26. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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