Beyblade Special Video How To Tell Fake From Real Beyblades

Beyblade Special Video-How To Tell Fake From Real Beyblades
By keyblader007

Click the following link to watch the video at YouTube.

With the huge problem of trying to find a retail store that sells my favourite beyblades it’s all too easy to get duped by companies selling “fake” Beyblades. Here are some valuable tips to help you find the REAL BEYBLADES!

=> There should be no Chinese writing anywhere on the box

=> Look for the copyright notice, D-rights on the box and a serial number on the front or back of the box

=> TT Hongli company make fake Beyblades

=> Look for poorly moulded parts that have extra amounts of plastic, poor fitting parts, parts that have been moulded improperly and rough shiny plastic

=> The weight disks are fake Beyblades sold separate on eBay

100% Hasbro beyblades

Takara beyblades Takara are the original creators of “REAL” authentic beyblade.

Keep on beyblading and let it rip!


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