Free access to member’s online games for all Beyblade Fans

Sorry Beyblade Fans but I have been so busy that I have not been able to complete my updates to BeybladeFun.

I’ve also been getting too much Spam so I decided to give everyone free and easy access to all online games so I could finally prevent this problem.

You can go and play some cool games here:

All of my sign up forms on my web site are for the blog. I use the service to send all new information which I will post on the blog.

Find out how to subscribe here:

My favourite games are Tanks which can have 1 to 5 players. You can load up your tanks by buying different weapons and armour then firing like mad on your opponents causing big explosions awesome! I rate this game 4.5/5.

Check it out here:

Tanks Game

I am also hooked onto Cosmic Defender, because of killing the aliens the 3-D atmosphere. I would rate this game 4.8/5.

What are you’re favourite games?

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