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Welcome to my Beyblade Characters Page 2.  Here you can view the characters from Beyblade Teams.  So far I only have the BBA Revolution but don't worry because more are coming soon! 

     The BBA Revolution is the Champion Team in Beyblade History Lets Meet The Players!



Name: Ray Kon
Age: 15 

Beyblade: Driger MS

Bit Beast: Driger

Team Mates: Tyson, Kai, Max, Daichi, Kenny, Hilary.

Team Name: BBA Revolution

Info: Ray is one of the most calmest members of the BBA Revolution who used to belong to the White Tigers.  He is one with his sprit and always act calm and cool which makes Ray a popular character in the whole of Beyblade.

Ray at first left the White Tigers to learn more about BeyBlading form the BBA Revolution (Blade Breakers at that moment) but because Ray also left at the time he received his honorable Driger Beyblade, Lee (the new leader of the White Tigers) thought Ray had betrayed them since he also left unsuspectingly.

After battling Lee in a match, Lee realizes that Ray is still with the White Tigers even though he doesn't play with them in BeyBlading!  Ray however returns to the White Tigers village occasionally and when the team break up in G-Revolution Ray returns as leader of the White Tigers.

Ray Bit Beast Driger acts just like Ray...calm and cool but Driger's huge claws and spiritual attacks make it one not to mess with for fun!



Name: Daichi Sumeragi
Age: 12 

Beyblade: Strata Dragoon MS

Bit Beast: Strata Dragoon  

Team Mates: Tyson, Kai, Max, Daichi, Kenny, Hilary.

Team Name: BBA Revolution

Information: more to come soon...


Name: Kenny
Age: 14 

Beyblade: ???

Bit Beast: Dizzi

Team Mates: Tyson, Kai, Max, Daichi, Kenny, Hilary. . Daichi, Kenny, Hilary.

Team Name: BBA Revolution

Info: Kenny is the brains of the team who figures out all the tactics when it comes to how you play in Beyblade!

He doesn't blade much but he does decide to participate in blading a few times but ends up getting defeated.

His bit beast Dizzi is trapped inside of his laptop by a freak-computer surge when he was downloading some data and even though he can't use Dizzi in battle he can communicate with her and use her brain to help his team mates win every battle.

Although Tyson is his friend he often just ignores what he has to say.  Kenny can also be described as a nerd because of his giant glasses and because he does stuff like cleaning in class.  Kenny is also know as "Chief".

More Beyblade Characters=> to come


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