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Beyblade Characters 


Welcome to my Beyblade Characters Page.  Here you can view the characters from Beyblade Teams.  So far I only have the BBA Revolution but don't worry because more are coming soon! 

     The BBA Revolution is the Champion Team in Beyblade History Lets Meet The Players!



Name: Tyson Granger
Age: 15 

Beyblade: Dragoon MS

Bit Beast: Dragoon

Team Mates: Max, Kai, Ray, Kenny, Daichi, Hilary.

Team Name: BBA Revolution

Information: Tyson is a confident and spiritual Beyblader and has the title of world champion after defeating Tala. He however is part stubborn and get himself into more trouble than most teenage boys!  

When playing Beyblade Tyson acts like an aggressive leader to his opponent's showing no mercy but sometimes he may get too confident and weaken himself and his Beyblade!

Tyson best buddies is Max who he met in the first episode, his rival is Kai even though they are on the same "Blading" Team, and his older brother Hiro coaches the team (in G-Revolution).

Tyson also like eating tons of food, he hates bullies, people trying to prove that they are better than him and people acting mature for his age.

His Bit Beast Dragoon uses the power of wind (air) to create tornadoes and hurricanes then throw it on the opponent and send them flying out the dish!  


Name: Kai Hiwatari
Age: 16 

Beyblade: Dranzer MS

Bit Beast: Dranzer   

Team Mates: Tyson, Max, Ray, Kenny, Daichi, Hilary.

Team Name: BBA Revolution

Information: Kai is a calm yet aggressive and a cool yet annoying guy.  He used to be World Champion until Tyson defeated him, ever since then Kai has treated Tyson as an enemy and always seeks revenge on the stubborn boy.

Kai's past at first was a mystery but as the Beyblade series go on and on more of Kai's past is revealed.  However, in doing this Kai has also shown less aggression and more quietness and maybe even jealousy.

Kai once joined the evil man Boris in his attempt to take over the world using Bit Beasts.  Boris's part of the deal was the Kai would get Black Dranzer "an ultimate Beyblade" which if defeated another Beyblade it would steal the opponent's Bit Beast.

But the "Abandoned" Dranzer Beyblade was brought back to Kai two times by the G-Revolution (BladeBreakers at the time) and the bond that Kai and his Bit Beast share, good or bad - brought Kai and Dranzer back together.

Kai near the end of G-Revolution reveals to Beyblade Fans that Kai is actually a soft guy.  In previous episodes he was seen giving milk to cats, caring for stray cats and feeding a dog!


Name: Max Tate
Age: 15 

Beyblade: Draciel MS

Bit Beast: Draciel 

Team Mates: Tyson, Ray, Kai, Kenny, Daichi, Hilary.

Team Name: BBA Revolution

Info: Max is a member of the champion team the BBA Revolution who's lively nature keeps the team together.  Thanks to this...Max has earned the trust and friendship of many friends making him a lovable and popular guy.

But when playing Beyblade Max is a fierce person who uses strong defensive moves to stall for time while using his highly developed brain to find out the right technique to win.

Max's Dad is Japanese and owns a Beyblade shop, because Max would help his father to fix and create Beyblades Max as a strong advantage against just the ruthless Beybladers.  His mother is American and Max was surprised to see her as she "directed" a team known as the Project Power Beyblade All Starz (A.K.A. the All Starz).

Max strangely, likes to eat Mustard with his dishes.  Though this can sometimes make the team sick Max doesn't mind as he never takes bothers to be rude at the table unlike his hungry friend Tyson!

His Bit Beast is a Water Turtle which uses it's hard shell as a defensive weapon to give Max time in his battle's.  However, Max is a guy who needs time for his battles and if a Beyblade can defeat his defense before Max is ready for battle Max will be instantly defeated.  This is why he cannot beat opponents like Kai and Tyson! 

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